No. of Staff: 280

No. of Users: 230,000 trips each workday

Key Outcomes:

  • Working with football and other sporting clubs is effective in reaching the 18-25 age group, who regard themselves as invincible but are over-represented in road trauma
  • Tailoring content to the age group and an environment that does not reflect a school situation increases engagement of a young audience
  • A collaborative approach extends the reach of the road safety message through pooling resources of partner groups
  • Peer discussion and interactive activities can encourage young road users to make better driving decisions and build awareness of road safety
  • Celebrity ambassadors, particularly sports stars, are key influences on young people’s behavior


A partnership approach between road operator EastLink and the football community has resulted in increased knowledge and awareness about road safety among thousands of local young people, who often see themselves as ‘bullet proof’ and can be difficult to engage with  road safety messages.