State Transit is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers and members of the public by minimising incidents, injuries and other issues associated with the misuse of drugs and alcohol. This policy complements various documents within State Transit’s official policies and should be read in conjunction with these. The most relevant are: PROC 14.01 – Code of Conduct, PROC 52.26 – Guidelines for Managing Conduct and Performance, PROC 72.01 – Drug and Alcohol Program, WI 50.30.02 – Employee Assistance Program

Safety is everybody’s responsibility and we are all required to take reasonable care of ourselves and each other when at work.

Workers must report to work in a fit state, free from fatigue, drugs or alcohol. Alcohol and illegal drugs must not be used or kept at work or at any State Transit location. Workers should seek medical advice when taking medications that may affect their ability to safely perform their duties

State Transit is committed to ensuring the availability of a confidential and non-judgmental response for employees with alcohol or drug-related problems through the provision of the Employee Assistance Program.

Any employee who is having difficulty in relation to drugs or alcohol is encouraged to self identify and enter into a recognised rehabilitation program. If a person self identifies, State Transit will support and assist the employee to return to work within a reasonable period of time.

Depending on individual circumstances, if an employee is unable to safely perform their normal duties due to prescribed medication, the employee is entitled to apply for leave or to be removed from transport safety work and found alternate duties if suitable duties are available.

To assist in preventing misuse of drugs and alcohol, State Transit is committed to undertaking a program of random testing for drugs and alcohol. State Transit also conducts reasonable cause, targeted and post incident testing. The process for these is described in the Drug and Alcohol Program.
Any employee who is affected by alcohol or other drugs in the workplace will be dealt with under State Transit’s disciplinary guidelines. Transport Safety Workers will also have a legal obligation upon them to comply with the Passenger Transport Act 1990 (NSW) and the Passenger Transport (Drug and Alcohol Testing) Regulation 2010 (NSW).