Drug and alcohol testing – VRM benchmarking user group survey responses

Wondered if we could get a feel from the benchmarking group as to their policy on Drug and alcohol testing, do they have a policy around ‘random’ and ‘for cause’ testing of colleagues and if so what do they set their tolerance level at? The UK level is 35ug (0.08 blood alcohol content), whereas Ireland and many EU countries are 22ug (0.05), Scotland are also looking at aligning with this.

So, three questions:

  1. Does your policy on drug and alcohol include: Random tests (Y/N), For cause tests (Y/N)
  2. If yes: what tolerance level is set for alcohol in the breath/blood? For example with alcohol is it set at 0 or
    the legal limit, or something else.
  3. Any other thoughts, issues, experiences regarding drug and alcohol testing.