When an emergency evacuation order is issued, there isn’t a moment to waste. It’s crucial to have a plan for getting your family to safety, and in most instances this will mean traveling by car. But it isn’t as simple as gathering everyone into the family minivan and hitting the road — there are preparations to be made long before the evacuation order is given, as well as many safety precautions to take on the road.

This guide is designed to protect your family amid the chaos of an emergency evacuation by car. It will start by going over the important tools and supplies you should consider keeping in your vehicle, then move on to general emergency travel guidelines. Then it will discuss any additional precautions to make in case of extreme rain or snow, as well as advice for preparing your family.

Don’t wait until emergency strikes to figure out how your family will evacuate. Read on to find out the best ways to prepare ahead of time so you’re ready the moment the order is issued.