The following description was taken from Government of Western Australia: Driving commercial vehicles

Duties for the person responsible for drivers and operation of commercial vehicles

The responsible person has a duty to ensure that:

  • the vehicle is driven in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Regulation (reg) 3.132
  • a current certificate from a medical practitioner that the driver is fit to drive;
  • a fatigue management plan is developed and kept current by a competent person for every commercial
    vehicle driver who is required to drive a commercial vehicle. This includes things such as scheduling
    trips, rostering drivers, establish drivers fitness to work, education of drivers in fatigue management,
    managing incidents, establishing and maintaining appropriate workplace conditions.; and
  • a record is kept in respect to work time, breaks from driving and non-work time of each commercial
    vehicle driver. The record is to be:
    o set out in a clear and systemic manner;
    o available for inspection by an inspector at all reasonable times; and
    o kept for at least 3 years from the date of the last entry on the record.

Duties for commercial vehicle drivers

A commercial vehicle driver has a duty to comply with the following requirements:

  • to drive commercial vehicles in accordance with the commercial vehicle operating standard; and
  • to hold a current medical certificate that confirms his or her fitness to drive a commercial vehicle.