Employers who ask any of their staff to make business journeys in cars or vans have a legal obligation to manage their work related driving risk properly. Here are four things you should be doing as the bare minimum, with free resources to help you put them in place.

Management Guide

Your drivers, other road users, members of the public, and even your organisation and its senior management are all exposed to Work-Related Road Risk. This guide explains how to manage the risk and the benefits of managing it well.

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Risk Assessment

Employers are required to risk assess their business activities and that includes work-related driving. We have a free online assessment tool that give you a full report to show you where the important gaps are, and how to plug them.

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Driver Policy

Managing those who drive for work properly means setting out some guidelines so they know what is expected, and communicating them clearly to your drivers. Here are the important topics you should be covering in your driver safety policy.

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How often do your vehicles get damaged? Are there common incidents and why do they happen? Are some drivers of greater concern than others? How much money is it costing your business? If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it!

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