This guidance applies to any employer, manager or supervisor with staff who drive, or ride a motorcycle or bicycle to work, and particularly those with responsibility for fleet management. It also applies to self-employed people. Employees and trade union appointed safety representatives will also find it helpful. It covers people whose main job is driving, and those who drive or ride occasionally or for short distances.

It suggests ways to manage the risk to drivers’ health and safety. Companies with large goods vehicles (LGV) or passenger service vehicles (PSV) may also be subject to specific legislative requirements that take precedence over the general advice given in this guidance.

Many incidents happen due to inattention and distractions as well as failure to observe the Highway Code. You need to consider what steps you should take to ensure that your employees use the road as safely as possible. Contents: Introduction; Your legal responsibilities; Benefits of managing work-related road safety; How to manage work-related safety; Assessing risks on the road; Evaluating the risks; References and further information.