The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has asked for estimates of selected driver support systems with a potential to reduce the number of fatalities. The driver support systems considered were:

  • Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA),
  • maximum speed governor,
  • Alcolock,
  • seat-belt lock,
  • sleep/fatigue warning system,
  • programmable electronic ignition lock (“Smartcard”),
  • adaptive cruise control (ACC), and
  • electronic stability control (ESC).

Estimates of lives saved are for the most part based on in-depth investigations of fatal accidents that may have been prevented if respective systems had been activated. The most effective is ISA with an estimated 41 lives saved per year in Norway, the least effective system is a maximum speed governor with an estimate of 8 lives saved per year. Estimates of lives saved for the other seven systems vary between 14.9 and 37.5 lives saved per year.