This is a pamphlet produced by the CCAA, an industry peak body, to act as guide defining fatigue management for heavy vehicles.

Definitions Work

Definitions Work – time spent driving a regulated heavy vehicle and includes: Loading or unloading Inspecting or repairing Inspecting or attending to the load Cleaning or refuelling Helping with or supervising any of the above Recording information or completing paperwork relating to vehicle operation Time spent training or supervising another driver, whilst in the vehicle

Rest Break

Rest Break – any continuous period of at least 15 minutes that does not involve work. Rest breaks can be taken: At suitable locations on the job site, the driver’s base or at the side of the road. In the driver’s seat with the engine running for the driver’s comfort or where this is necessary to rotate the barrel. When queuing to load or unload (refer to Queuing Practices).
Regulated Heavy Vehicle – a vehicle or combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) over 12 tonnes.