This training module examines driver health and fitness.

Once you have completed this Driver Health and Fitness Training module you will be able to:

  • describe how a driver’s health and fitness can affect their ability to drive safely
  • describe the medical standards commercial fleet drivers must meet before they can drive
  • describe how eating healthy meals can improve your concentration

You will need to complete the following sections to complete the Driver Health and Fitness Training module:

  1. How does fatigue affect your driving?
  2. Standards related to healthy driving
  3. Medical standards you must meet before you can drive
  4. Healthy eating can improve your driving
  5. Road quiz  Further information

How does fatigue affect your driving?

  • Did you know?
  • About 90% of fatal crashes that involve fatigue as a contributing factor occur on the open road.
  • New Zealand research indicated 38% of logging truck drivers were classified as ‘obese’, and 10% of had experienced a heart attack, heart surgery, stroke or had died as a result of cardiovascular disease.
  • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, loss of hearing, vision problems, stress, and fatigue are all a cause of concern for all New Zealand’s commercial fleet drivers.