The following description was taken from Budget Direct: Distracted driving survey & statistics 2021:

Are we becoming more distracted on the roads? To explore both how common and dangerous distracted driving can be, we’ve combined government statistics with our own first-hand research.

Quick stats

  • Drivers are 4x more likely to crash when using a phone
  • At 60km/h, if you look away for 3 seconds, you’ll have travelled for over 50m blind
  • 29% of drivers have admitted to having performed an action on their mobile phone while driving in the last week.

Fatigue, alcohol, and drugs all have the potential to impair your focus and vision. But what if your eyes aren’t on the road at all? The Queensland Government suggests that someone distracted is just as dangerous on the road as someone driving drunk.

To find out just how distractions occur, the dangers they present, and how common this is across Australian drivers, we’ve done our own research to uncover: