In November 2018, Budget Direct undertook a study on distracted driving – titled ‘Distracted Driving Study Proposes a Promising Way Forward’. This NRSPP Thought Leadership document provides a summary of the motives behind this study, the key findings of the study, and the key conclusions of the study, including the plan for a way forward in combating driver distraction.

Motivations Behind the Study

Although operating a hand-held mobile phone in any capacity while driving is illegal in all Australian states and territories – carrying fines of between $250 and $54811 and a loss of up to five demerit points – many drivers have continued to use them anyway. While the nature of the activity makes precise statistics hard to come by, previous research has estimated that anywhere between 61% and 77% of Australians use their phones for any purpose while driving.

About the Study

A new study commissioned by Budget Direct, with research being undertaken by The Centre for
Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q), has provided valuable insight into the nature, extent, and causes of this issue, while also suggesting promising ways to address distracted driving in Australia.

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