What is the CoR Gap Assessment Tool?

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain. The CoR laws within the HVNL also import a requirement to have safety systems and controls in your operations to identify, assess and manage risks as they relate to your business and activities within the supply chain.

Through a series of practical questions, the CoR Gap Assessment Tool enables you to examine your business practices and systems controls against known risks and recognised best practice.

Depending on your responses, each assessment will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.

What will the Tool provide?

Based upon the responses you provide during the assessment/s, the Tool will generate a list of recommendations for consideration.  Provided online, or as a .pdf document, the list of recommendations will outline the types of system controls that you could install to strengthen your compliance and safety management responses.

As a party in the chain, the tool will enable you to actively identify what you should be doing to ensure compliance and manage safety. Using the results could involve a role specific focus, or be gathered collectively to design and develop your entire CoR and Safety Management program.

Who should use the Tool?

Based upon the defined parties under the law, the tool enables individuals and companies to determine what role they have within the Chain of Responsibility.

Every party in the chain can then respond appropriately to the assessment/s based upon their specific role/s to identify areas for implementation, improvement and review.  Every person/company who is, or may be, a party in the Chain of Responsibility will benefit from the review of their own business systems and the safety recommendations the Tool provides.

In this way, each party in the supply chain can then focus on proactively identifying, assessing, evaluating, and managing their safety risks to meet their individual or unique business operations and obligations under the HVNL.

How to use the CoR Gap Assessment tool

To use the tool and start the assessment please click here