Being seriously injured in a road incident is a devastating and often life changing experience.

Initially, much of the focus is placed on your physical health. This experience can be a long and difficult journey. Amidst all the adjustments and struggles of trying to deal with the physical changes, some people overlook the impact of how the incident has affected you emotionally.

Dealing with both the physical changes and the emotional pain may cause you a great deal of distress and confusion.

The information in this brochure deals with emotional trauma – that is how being involved in a crash and being injured has impacted you as a person, your relationships with people in your life and generally your view of the world.

We hope the information will provide you with some basic facts about what you are most likely experiencing.



Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) is a not-for-profit organisation contributing to the safety and wellbeing of Victorian road users. We provide counselling and support to people affected by road trauma, and address attitudes and behaviours of road users through education. As the only organisation of its kind in Victoria, we provide the following services across the state:

  • Free, professional face-to-face and telephone counselling
  • Support and training
  • Education programs