What is CLOCS-A?

CLOCS-A or Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia, is a national good practice approach for managing the risks and impacts associated with a construction project’s on-road transport and logistics activities to community road safety. It was developed to provide a consistent framework for industry to achieve and has been inspired by the success of the CLOCS Program established in the United Kingdom in reducing road trauma associated with construction logistics.1 The primary goal of CLOCS-A, is that a similar reduction in lives lost and serious injuries can be achieved locally on our roads in Australia.

Purpose of the document

The purpose of this document is to provide government and industry with a practical framework for the management of risks and impacts to community road safety associated with a construction project’s road transport and logistics activities. Primarily an engineering and policy document, it is based on the Safe System approach to improving road safety.

This document has been developed with input from a range of stakeholders including representatives from government, industry, and the community with the aim to go beyond legal minimums in Australia’s efforts to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists (collectively known as Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)) around trucks. The ultimate objectives are to:

  • Eliminate collisions between heavy vehicles and the community
  • Improve efficiencies through fewer vehicle journeys
  • Establish a single national standard for industry to meet
  • Reduce reputational risk