Coles Supply Standards June 2021 Report

Download the full PDF below.


On behalf of the Coles team, we are excited to introduce our updated Supply Standards.

Coles has been providing Australians with outstanding quality, great service and value for over 100 years. We do so with the support of our many partnerships, including collaborative relationships with our trusted suppliers.

In our journey to introduce technology-led innovation and integrate it within our existing network, we have partnered with automation leading companies such as Witron and Ocado. Simultaneously, we have several key transformational projects which will further enhance our supply chain and, as a result the delivery of Fresh Produce is now included in our supply standards for the first time.

Modernising our operations is how we improve efficiency and availability in our stores and deliver higher service levels across all our channels for our customers. The investment we are making in this technology is expected to lower supply chain costs, provide safer working environments and enhance our business competitiveness.

To ensure the success of our latest supply chain developments, delivery of great on shelf availability and amazing service for our customers across all channels, the quality and conformance of deliveries into our network is critical.

We are committed to providing our supply partners with the best and latest information to conduct business together, starting with our new updated and interactive supply standards document which is designed to take you on a journey through our supply chain.

To champion our industry cooperation and alignment, we are including the Industry Alignment Mark throughout our supply standards for the first time. As they have been developed in partnership with the Trading Partner Forum.

We are confident the supply standards are key to building a more efficient end to end supply chain and ask that you take the opportunity to share them with your teams.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: [email protected]

Thank you in advance and we look forward to many more years of our continued partnership.

Kevin Gunn

Executive General Manager

Central Operations and Transformation