The Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) programme was launched by Transport for London in 2013, in response to large numbers of incidents involving construction goods vehicles and vulnerable road users in London.

The construction industry in the UK has made great improvements to management of health and safety on-site, dramatically reducing the numbers of people killed and injured. CLOCS wishes to see the same approach applied to road safety.

CLOCS brings the construction logistics industries together across the UK, to revolutionise the management of work related road safety, and ensure a road safety culture is embedded across the industry. Vulnerable road users and goods vehicles are sharing the roads more than ever – hear about the issues facing the construction logistics industry and the unique collaborative approach taken to address them.


Hannah White is a Project Manager at Transport for London responsible for freight-related safety projects. She currently manages the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) project and also TfL’s Safer Trucks programme to improve the design of heavy goods vehicles.

Vicky Sims is a Project Officer in Transport for London’s Freight and Fleet team. Vicky has worked on the CLOCS programme since 2013 helping deliver the key programme outputs, communications and stakeholder relationships.