These are a range of CoR Fact Sheets consider tt’s time to manage heavy vehicle driver fatigue through CoR and these fact sheets provide a summary.  The reform makes all parties in the supply chain legally responsible for preventing driver fatigue.

Who is responsible?

Drivers and operators have traditionally been the focus of road laws – including those covering driving hours and fatigue management. However, breaches are often caused by the actions of others. The new Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue reform requires all parties in the supply chain to manage the causes of heavy vehicle driver fatigue.

Under these new laws, everyone in the supply chain, not just the driver, will have responsibilities to prevent driver fatigue and ensure drivers are able to comply with the legal work/rest hours. If your actions, inactions or demands cause or contribute to road safety breaches then you can be held legally accountable. Authorities can investigate along the supply chain and up and down the corporate chain of command. The days of ‘all care and no responsibility’  are over