Key Outcomes

  • Senior management buy-in and fleet safety being identified as the most significant WHS risk in the organisation are critical factors in maximising work driving safety.
  • Managing motor vehicle safety using safety management system principles and procedures, including identifying and addressing hazards, is effective.
  • Adopt a safety management systems approach that is appropriate to the size, extent and unique driving safety risk management environment.
  • Engaging all key stakeholders in the safety risk management process and in creating opportunities for input promotes engagement with and support for initiatives.
  • Create an effective safety risk culture that involves all participants in the operation and maintenance of the fleet in identifying solutions.
  • Continuously review driving safety risk management systems and embrace opportunities to address issues as they arise.


Like many organisations, work driving safety is the most significant safety issue for a community transport provider in northern NSW. A focus on ensuring safe drivers operating in safe vehicles has improved service and the bottom line while helping take care of those who care for others in our community.