By some estimates, nearly half of the business miles covered by road in this country are by vehicles that are not actually owned, leased or hired by the business in question – they belong to the employees.

In almost all cases, these will fall into either of two categories; – they will be “grey fleet” vehicles that are the driver’s own private transport or they will be “cash fleet” cars, bought by employees who are entitled to a company car as part of their benefits package but have instead taken the cash allowance option.

Both bring with them particular issues that many managers find difficult to resolve effectively. This guide looks at how workable solutions can be found to help you identify the most suitable policies for your organisation. Part one examines the day-to-day operational management of grey and cash fleets, while part two covers the structure of cash-for-car schemes.


  • Part one,
    • Running cash and grey fleet cars
    • Is the employee’s car the right tool for job?
    • How should you pay for vehicle use?
    • Can you stay on the right side of the law?
    • Are there alternatives to the grey fleet?
  • Part two,
    • The cash option
    • What’s the appeal of cash?
    •  When the cash option doesn’t work for drivers
    •  When the cash option doesn’t work for employers
    • When the cash option is the right choice
    • How PCOPs can be used to solve cash option issues
    • Offering a route from cash to car
  • Summary