The driver is the most valuable asset of companies that operate trucks. So a Safer Truck – Latest Technology provides a safer workplace. Companies that provide safer trucks are investing in the long term safety of their drivers and other road users.

What’s more, you can’t earn a living or increase productivity if your truck is in the repair shop or worse still, damaged beyond repair because it didn’t have the best available safety features. With competition for business and customers becoming more aggressive each day you can’t afford to have a driver injured or your truck off the road.

This booklet provides you with important advice on safety that will help you make an informed decision the next time you buy a truck. It explains the main safety features to be aware of and highlights the important benefits gained from making a buying decision that considers safety as the number one priority.

For your convenience, a check list is located at the back of the booklet containing a list of important safety features for new and used trucks, along with a Q/A section on used trucks. Please use this information the next time you visit a truck dealership to discuss the purchase of your truck with a sales person.