Busy Brain Syndrome – the Root Cause of Driver Distraction – why is this so? Why does it matter? This webinar explores these questions and more.

Drivers are more and more distracted as our lives get busier and more frenetic. How often do you not remember parts of your journey whilst driving, particularly to and from work? How often do you ‘feel’ a little nervous on busy roads as you see cars ‘drifting’ out of their lane? These two things are on the increase. Why?

Busy Brain Syndrome. The digital age has seriously messed with our brains processing capacity causing Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS). BBS presents as pressure, overwhelm, relentless ‘mind chatter’ and our ability to focus and pay attention has reduced 3-4 fold in the last 10 years. The root cause of ‘behavioural non-compliance’ incidents (where people simply did not see the stop light, or hear the warning alarm) is that their brain did not process the red light or the alarm. Busy Brain Syndrome – the root cause of driver distraction

There is a way to overcome BBS once people know how.

Delivering this webinar is Behavioural Neuroscientist Dr. Lucia Kelleher.

Dr Lucia Kelleher is a leading edge thinker on driver distraction in the modern world of technology and overload. She discovered Busy Brain Syndrome more than a decade ago, which identified that the ‘brain’s’ processing ability has been severely compromised due to overload, resulting in a significant increase in the risk of becoming distracted.
Lucia is a sought after speaker on the subject of driver safety, productivity improvement, safety and behaviour change. www.peopledata.com.au

Busy Brain Syndrome – the root cause of driver distraction is her passion and everyone should hear why as technology becomes increasingly entrenched in modern society.