No. of Staff: 1700 (200 drivers)

Key Outcomes:

  • Improving road safety has many benefits, including significant bottom line savings in insurance claim and other costs
  • Clearly defined and communicated safety policies and procedures make it easier for employees to follow processes that maximise their safety
  • Staff and management support is critical in the success of any road or other workplace safety initiative
  • A vehicle is a workplace, and consultation with drivers on programs affecting their workplace is vital in gaining acceptance and engagement
  • Effective training can challenge driving habits and attitudes and involving drivers in identifying safer driving strategies promotes ‘buy in’
  • Road and workplace safety matters, internally to employees and externally to your organisation’s reputation


When its staff identified driving as a key safety risk, the Bureau of Meteorology took action to minimise the risk its people faced driving long distances in remote areas. Through management and employee support, the Bureau has improved driver safety and saved tens of thousands of dollars in claim costs along the way.