No. of Staff: 10

Operations: 24/7

Key Outcomes:

  • Focusing on specific safety challenges in your business and devising practical solutions for your circumstances are effective in addressing those challenges
  • External recognition of safety and risk management systems increases employee engagement and acceptance
  • Mutual trust and loyalty between employees and management increases the effectiveness of any safety or operations system
  • Programs that require information input from employees will only be as effective as the quality of information entered
  • Systems must be kept simple, with a clear relationship between information and its purpose, to encourage continuing employee input
  • Sustained commitment, supported by a financial and time investment, increases the effectiveness of risk mitigation programs


A Tasmanian small business has won State and international safety awards for an innovative and unique fatigue management system. Developed in-house, SLEPT predicts when fatigue is likely to become an issue, and has changed employee and customer attitudes towards safety.