Fleet Size: 150

No. of Staff: 1,000

Key Outcomes:

  • Hazard and near miss reporting systems can translate into a commercial advantage through the ability to ‘self-insure’ for WorkCover
  • Reporting must be simple and straightforward to ensure employees are engaged in the process
  • Hazard and near miss reporting systems can be successfully implemented, through sustained commitment, management leadership and real consultation that engages employees
  • Involving people affected by policies and procedures in their development allows users to see how policies work for them and results in relevant and practical policies that consider all stakeholder needs
  • Empowering employees to make decisions that increase their own safety, and supporting that with complementary safety policies, helps employees identify and avoid risk
  • Insisting on 5-star ANCAP safety rated vehicles and comprehensive driver training, as part of an integrated Safe Systems approach, can play a key role in maximising employee safety


As an engineer of vehicle safety systems, road safety is at the core of Bosch Australia’s operations. The company’s internal safety culture, which treats the reporting of hazards and near misses as an opportunity, and mandates 5-star ANCAP safety rated vehicles, is working to maximise employee safety and has resulted in major savings in insurance premiums.