Safety has always been personal at BINGO Industries. Starting out as a family company, safety has remained a core business value as the company has grown, building a culture of constant safety improvement. The focus has driven industry leading injury and incident rates and is a key reason the company is seen as a leader in workplace road and pedestrian safety and is increasingly winning major infrastructure contracts.

Key outcomes

  • Prioritising safety regardless of the size of an organisation or its fleet is foundational for business success.
  • Strong safety performance translates into bottom line benefits, improving internal efficiencies and positioning companies to compete for important contracts.
  • When your operations create interactions with vulnerable road users, implementing measures to minimise risks to pedestrians and cyclists is good business practice and contributes to a positive company and industry reputation in the community. 
  • Creating a strong safety culture requires consistent and visible buy-in from all levels of an organisation.
  • Consultation and conversations around safety measures drive buy-in from those impacted while ensuring the most effective measures are implemented.
  • Supporting safety measures with engaging, consistent and multi-channeled communication that clearly outlines the reasons ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’, which links measures to the role workers play in increasing safety, drives buy-in.
  • Incidents are an opportunity for improvement and education, which is valuable in preventing repeats, and those learning opportunities can be from the wider industry rather than limited to internal breaches.