The Australian Automobile Association commissioned Economic Connections (ECON), with Pekol Traffic and Transport and Monash University Accident Research Centre, to analyse the road safety and environmental benefits of a one-year reduction in the average age of Australia’s light vehicle fleet.

The AAA summary report provides an overview of the Benefits of reducing the age of Australia’s light vehicle fleet report (the ECON report).

Two alternative scenarios have been modelled as part of the analysis;
a short phase-in period and a long phase-in period to better inform policy makers. The short phase-in period supports significant policy intervention which would reduce the age of the vehicle fleet by one year over a period of four years. The long phase-in scenario models a policy intervention that can be implemented over a period of eight years.

The ECON 2017 report has considered both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in its analysis.1 LCVs have been included
in recognition of the fact that they are an increasingly popular vehicle choice in Australia and have less stringent safety and environmental standards than passenger vehicles. These combined factors mean that Australians are at an increased risk on our roads.

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