Workshop description Road traffic crashes are a major cause of death and disability in Australia and New Zealand, and account for approximately half of all work-related fatalities in Australia each year. ISO 39001 is a tool to help organisations reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road traffic crashes.

ARRB is pleased to offer a one-day training program tailored for road authorities and their suppliers involved in managing the safe planning, design, use and maintenance of the road network. Participants in the program will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management, its relevance to their own organisation, and the first steps in developing a management system.

Workshop purpose

Drawing on safety management principles this program will provide participants with the support they need to assess the preparedness of their organisation to implement a road traffic safety management system, including:

  • Understanding their organisation’s safety exposure and influence
  • Making the case for a road traffic safety management system
  • Influencing top management leadership and commitment and formulating a road safety policy
  • Understanding the key evidenced based safety performance factors and how to apply them
  • Establishing road safety objectives, plans and targets relevant to their organisation
  • Implementing plans, evaluating results and continually improving performance