Rio Tinto have been leaders in integrating autonomous vehicles into their mine site operations. They are increasingly exploring new opportunities for further expansion of their automation program including more complex environments such as the public interface with their operations of railway level crossings, light vehicles operations. James will share many of the lessons they have obtained and explore what this could mean to wider application of these autonomous vehicle technology to the public road network.

This webinar will be delivered by James Petty, the General Manager – Mine Fleet Management & Technology within Rio Tinto Iron Ore, based in Perth Western Australia. He was appointed to this role in June 2013 after 2 years as General Manager – Mine of the Future™. Within Rio Tinto Iron Ore he is accountable for Mine of the Future™, Fleet Planning & Delivery, Mine Fleet and Fixed Plant Asset Management, and Cranes & Transport within the Pilbara Operations – 1,400km North of Perth.