NRSPP Manager, Jerome Carslake, chatted with APA Group’s Head of HSE Keith Hoskins about his case study on safety culture in a health and safety strategy and the framework APA Group has applied to further enhance it.

For those who do not know APA Group, they manage 15,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines across mainland Australia. They also maintain natural gas networks connecting 1.4 million Australian homes and businesses and a growing electrical portfolio. Additionally, their fleet and workers on the road servicing APA Group assets travel more than 5 million kilometres per annum and often in remote conditions.

Keith explores what safety culture is and the importance of it within an organisation. A crucial component of his story will be his sharing of how to get buy-in throughout the organisation and the risk of being complacent. Keith will walk you through APA Group’s seven strategic themes ongoing journey and how they are measuring their safety culture.

Put simply, strong safety culture is the key to protecting APA Group’s workers in the diverse conditions they operate in which is the central focus for Keith and this webinar.