This document provides a generic example of a Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy Template which organisations can utilize.


 XXXX (The Company) is committed to a safe, healthy and productive workplace.  XXXX recognises the misuse of alcohol and other drugs may have a detrimental effect on individuals, the Company and on Company services.  Alcohol and other drugs, (both legal and illegal) misuse, may contribute to health and safety risks, workplace accidents and poor work performance.

This policy contains XXXX mandatory requirements for all employees, contractors and visitors relating to alcohol and other drug use.

Any employee who considers they may have an alcohol or other drug misuse issue that could impact on the workplace is strongly encouraged to seek confidential advice and assistance.   XXXX can provide support through our Employee Assistance Program or by contacting the …………………………………… (Detail the position of the relevant employee representative).

Employees or contractors who are taking prescribed or over the counter medication which may affect their judgement in any way and which could affect the safety of that person or any other person at the workplace must notify XXXX in writing prior to commencing work.

Alcohol in the workplace is prohibited.  Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) must not be in excess of 0.00%.  The only exception is if an authorised workplace function is being conducted in accordance with detailed Procedure.

No individual under the age of 18 years will be provided alcohol at XXXX organised social functions.

Illegal drugs are expressly prohibited at XXXX workplaces, authorised events and in company vehicles.  If tested, an individual must not test positive to any drug group.  The only exception is if it can be substantiated the individual was taking either prescribed or over the counter medication in strict accordance with prescribed or recommended use.

The primary focus of this policy is to ensure people are fit for work.  However where an investigation indicates that a breach of this Policy or the associated Procedures has occurred, action will be taken.

By strictly complying with the above requirements XXXX believes it can satisfy its legal obligations and minimise any effect the misuse of alcohol or other drugs may have in providing a safe workplace.

For further detail refer to XXXX Alcohol & Other Drug/Fit for Work Procedure.