Recently, there has been growing concern among ordinary drivers that Aggressive Driving is increasing on our roads. Aggressive drivers are more likely to:

  • be involved in crashes;
  • be young men;
  • have high frustration levels and a low regard for others;
  • be competitive in nature; and
  • tend to speed, drive impaired by alcohol and/or drugs and engage in other unsafe practices such as unlicensed driving and driving without a seatbelt.

What is Aggressive Driving?

While not everyone agrees about how Aggressive Driving should be defined, it is normally taken to include such behaviours as:

Minor Aggressive Driving:

  • Shouting abuse
  • Making obscene gestures
  • Flicking lights on and off to get other drivers to move out of the way
  • Deliberately braking or slowing suddenly to irritate others
  • Giving a prolonged blast of the horn deliberately
  • Driving too close behind another vehicle Severe:
  • Pursuing another vehicle
  • Swerving in front of another vehicle
  • Trying to run another vehicle off the road
  • Attempting to stop another vehicle
  • Deliberately bumping another vehicle
  • Getting out and approaching another road user
  • Damaging or attempting to damage a vehicle
  • Assaulting or attempting to assault another road user (ie. pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers).