“The reality is that a large proportion of the people we see who need major interventions, major surgeries and major reconstructions, are innocent bystanders of other people’s bad decisions.”
                                                                                                                                                 Scott Ferris- Trauma Surgeon.

While out on a motorbike ride with his mate, Adam was hit by a car making an unsafe turn and his life was changed forever. Forced to live with a serious disability, he now shares his remarkable story alongside Dr Kate Martin and Dr Scott Ferris to spread awareness about the importance of safety on Australian roads.

Adam’s story describes how one person’s life can drastically change at the hand of another driver’s bad decision. Drawing on a previous Webinar by the NRSPP and Australia And New Zealand Associate For The Surgery Of Trauma (ANZAST), this story also highlights that road safety is everybody’s responsibility.

While we cannot control everything, we can work to minimise risk for ourselves and others on the road.