The aim of this review is to present reports of work-related transport accidents, near misses, and other effects relating to ill health, published in a range of media that give details identifying the causes and effects of accidents. The main focus of the report is on road transport activities that take place on the public highway; however light deliveries are included, as well as buses and taxis. The report does not include transport activities that take place off public highways on areas such as construction sites, farms, warehouses (forklift trucks) or airports, but accidents caused by uncoupling and coupling as well as loading and unloading are included in the report.

The overall aim is to present ‘lessons’ suitable for the non-OSH expert. It is not intended to present detailed, technical accident analyses, although the original source may have done so. The emphasis is on accident and injury resulting from occupational risks in the transport sector that should have been prevented or controlled, not road accidents of a general nature.

The report is broken down into three parts:

  • Occupational transport accidents on the road
  • Accidents in cargo and vehicle handling (Occupational transport accidents on site)
  • Occupational transport accidents and psychological factors