Overview of Package

A National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) Organisational Road Safety Campaign

Road safety is a shared responsibility and therefore NRSPP has developed a campaign that can be executed across an entire organisation so all workers are safe on the road.

Although sleep is a vital natural function that everyone needs to maintain optimal health, it is often neglected for various reasons, leading to compromises in wellbeing and safety. Driving is a complex task that demands many facets of high-level executive functions in the brain, which are impaired by sleep deprivation. This issue of tired driving leads to reduced alertness, responsiveness and control, endangering not only the individual but the vehicles around them.

Sleep is often compromised as a result of busy lifestyles or disregard for its importance. In many cases, it may be perceived negatively, associated with weakness or unproductiveness. Unfortunately, this attitude only develops harmful environments, including lack of support around sleep problems and fear of reporting tiredness. This places many drivers at a higher risk on the road.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) has produced ‘With My Eyes Closed…’, its Third Road Safety Organisational Campaign, to address the issue of driver sleepiness. Through this campaign, we outline the importance of sleep, consequences of sleep deprivation, dangers of tired driving, and methods to mitigate this issue while encouraging a supportive attitude towards sleep. 

By recognising the vital role of sleep, taking care to prioritise adequate rest, and supporting our workmates and loved ones to do the same, we can lower the occurrences of driver sleepiness and make our roads safer for everyone.

There is a range of materials and guidance on how to best execute the campaign.

The package contains:

  • Facilitator Guide (with discussion prompts, suggested campaign timeline and more)

  • Participant attendance sheet

  • Campaign Resources

    • Driver Sleepiness Fact Sheets
    • Driver Sleepiness Posters
    • Driver Sleepiness Videos
    • Social media posts
    • E-Signature (E-mail) banners
    • Pre- and post-campaign surveys

Everyone uses the road network, people do and will make mistakes when on the road. NRSPP hopes by understanding the risk of aggressive driving your workers will be more aware of the risk and takes their own steps to reduce it when on the road.


We would like to say a big thank you to all the parties who made this campaign possible:

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(A References document in included in the package.)