Overview of Package

A National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) Organisational Road Safety Campaign

Road safety is a shared responsibility and therefore NRSPP has developed a campaign that can be executed across an entire organisation so all workers are safe on the road.

Aggressive driving is more common than we realise, with our culture becoming more desensitised to road rage each day. Anger blinds us and interferes with our focus on the road, increasing the risk of crashes, injuries and other road incidents. We can, however, mitigate this problem by being aware of our emotions and engaging in mindfulness to control our responses. This campaign aims to bring awareness to this issue and provide useful, informative methods on how to manage road rage through mindfulness.

There is a range of materials and guidance on how to best execute the campaign.

The package contains:

  • Facilitator Guide (with discussion prompts, suggested campaign timeline and more)

  • Participant attendance sheet

  • Campaign Resources

    • Aggressive Driving Fact Sheets
    • Aggressive Driving Videos
    • Aggressive Driving Posters
    • Social media posts
    • E-Signature (E-mail) banners
    • Pre- and post-campaign surveys

Everyone uses the road network, people do and will make mistakes when on the road. NRSPP hopes by understanding the risk of aggressive driving your workers will be more aware of the risk and takes their own steps to reduce it when on the road.

Author Acknowledgement

This campaign has also been developed in collaboration with Jerome Carslake (NRSPP), Gabrielle Fetalvero (NRSPP Swinburne Intern 2019/20), Kristin Cooke (MUARC Swinburne Intern 2019/2020), Caitlin Xavier (NRSPP Swinburne Intern 2020/21), Amanda Stephens (MUARC), Yacine Khouzami (Budget Direct), and Tim Roberts (Fleet Strategy).