Journey management involves preparing your mind, your body, your vehicle, and your load. Planning for safe journeys requires setting in place procedures, and protocols to follow them. The weather, road conditions and other road users’ behaviours are not in your control, but you can learn how to better respond to them.

This package contains:

  • A generic overview of Toolbox Talk Discussion and how it can be applied to work driving safety, including a step by step process to assist team leaders/managers and facilitators to lead a Toolbox Talk discussion.

  • Aid for the promotion of discussion

  • Topic background information and fact sheets

  • Discussion prompt sheet

  • Participant attendance record sheet

  • Participant self-assessment sheet

  • Discussion review sheet

  • Journey Management posters

  • Supporting PowerPoint Slides

  • Journey Management Video Link (access video here or contact NRSPP to download)

Author Acknowledgement

This Toolbox Talk has been developed in collaboration with Jerome Carslake (NRSPP), Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez (MUARC), Grace Harries (NRSPP Swinburne Intern 2022/23), Manal Rizwan (NRSPP Swinburne Intern 2022/23),  Tim Roberts (FleetStrategy).

Toolbox Talks Branding, marketing and promotional videos were completed by the Swinburne Design Bureau: Dr Shivani Tyagi (Communication Design Lecturer Swinburne and Director of Design Bureau), Kai Djeng (videos and editing), Emelia Cox (videos and editing), Amanda Wang (videos and editing) Lachlan Tobin (marketing and communications), Lauren Gualano (branding and logo design).

Toolbox Talks Steering Group includes: James Zarb (Viva Energy), Craig Beikoff (BINGO Industries), Jim Sarkis (BINGO Industries), Mark Noble (Holcim), Daniel Brain (Toll Group), Adam Ritzinger (Toll Group), Peter Johansson (Zurich), Steve Power (Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia), Mike Mulligan (Qube).


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