Overview of Package

Rural and remote areas account for 65% of all road fatalities in Australia [1]. Driving on country roads pose special challenges, from unsealed roads, to wildlife. This Tool Box Talks explores the ways to practise safe driving on rural roads.

Tool Box Talks are an effective and cost-efficient way to communicate information and knowledge about driving safety, health and safety, and operational issues within a workplace. A Tool Box Talk should ideally take approximately 15-20 minutes. This Tool Box Talk Package is designed to provide Team Leaders/Managers and Facilitators with the required resources and information to conduct a tool box safety talk about country road driving risks when driving, to a group of employees within the organisation.

The package contains:

  • A generic overview of Tool Box Talk Discussion including a step by step process to assist team leaders/managers and facilitators to lead a tool box talk discussion
  • Aid for the promotion of discussion
  • Topic background information and fact sheet
  • Discussion prompt sheet
  • Participant attendance record sheet
  • Participant self-assessment sheet
  • Discussion review sheet
  • Rural driving risks poster
  • Supporting PowerPoint slides
  • Video – to come!

Author Acknowledgement

This campaign has also been developed in collaboration with Jerome Carslake (NRSPP), Jennifer Rivera-Gonzalez (MUARC), Kyla Fantin (NRSPP Swinburne Intern 2021/22) and Tim Roberts (FleetStrategy).


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