Overview of Package

A National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) Organisational Road Safety Campaign

Road safety is a shared responsibility and therefore NRSPP has developed a campaign that can be executed across an entire organisation so all workers are safe on the road.

The NRSPP’s ‘Are You Roadworthy?’ campaign focuses on ensuring all drivers on the roads are fit for duty in all ways. Our goal is to encourage everyone to self-assess their roadworthiness and ask themselves, if I check to ensure my vehicle is safe why don’t I check myself the same way? Evidence-based research was used to guide the campaign by compiling and reviewing relevant literature. A key finding from our survey indicated that participants didn’t value the emotional aspects of being fit for duty, as only around 5% marked emotional symptoms as an attribute that they would check (NRSPP survey, 2023). We also received feedback from industry experts that drivers tend to overestimate their own fitness for duty, so in addition to our driver directed fitness checklist we created an employer/manager directed fact sheet and checklist, to help give them ways to assess their own behaviour and ensure their drivers are adequately supported. The campaign responds to all research to find a way to engage effectively with drivers and employers.

The 2024 topic is being fit for duty. To encourage drivers to value and check their fitness for duty we framed it as being an approachable concept, with conversational fact sheets and checklists that can be kept private while directing those who need it to helpful services. Additionally, by bringing employers into the conversation and sharing the responsibility with them we’re showing drivers that it’s not all on them, and taking the first step to address any negative attitudes drivers might hold towards being fit for duty. We’ve also addressed this by encouraging a staggered approach to engaging with this campaign, where we’re encouraging facilitators to teach the campaign on seperate weeks to allow for discussion and thoughts to be shared openly. This campaign was released during Road Safety Week, May 5-12th 2024, and the NRSPP will be promoting the campaign for the following month, and we encourage our industry partners and stakeholders to do the same.

What is included in the package?
  • 9x Fact Sheets
  • 6x Posters
  • 1x Social Media Post
  • 3x Full Videos available here.
  • 1x Facilitator Guide
  • 1x Overview document
  • 1x Reference sheet
  • 2x Self-assessment checklists
  • 2x Banners
  • 1x Animated logos


We would like to say a big thank you to all the parties who made this campaign possible:

  • Khyati Chandarana, NRSPP Communications Lead, Graphic Designer Intern 2023/24: Campaign management and creative development lead
  • Marama Amity, NRSPP Communications Lead, Graphic Designer Intern 2023/24: Campaign management and creative development lead
  • Dr Angela Batson from Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC): Research and information gathering
  • Tim Roberts, Executive Director at FleetStrategy: Creation of campaign videos
  • Jerome Carslake, Director of the NRSPP: Guidance, peer-review and management

Research was peer-reviewed and guided by:

Design was peer-reviewed and guided by:

Messaging and Linguistics was peer-reviewed and guided by:

We’d like to extend our appreciation to our stakeholders who gave us feedback and advice throughout this process, this campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the input from these industry experts.