Vista Hire's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Julieanne DimitriosBusiness Development ManagerSector: Vehicle Hire Sector

    Who is Vista Hire and what does road safety mean to their organisation?

    Vista Hire is a specialist 4WD hire operator based in Brisbane.  It has a varied client base – from major national organisations to individual contractors working on projects to private hirers wanting to tow a horse float, mobile accommodation vans, and rally cars. Regardless of client size, Vista Hire aims to provide the safest and most reliable vehicle for the client’s purpose. It takes a risk-based approach to what the vehicle will be used for and is fit-for-purpose to protect the driver and meet the client needs.

    What does road safety mean to the Vista Hire?

    As a fleet owner, Vista Hire is acutely aware that it contributes to the number of vehicles on the road, and as such has a responsibility for ensuring those vehicles are driven safely. The owners of Vista Hire want to ensure they do everything possible to prevent injury or death in their vehicles – this means choosing the safest possible vehicles for the job, ensuring the vehicles supplied are fit for purpose, maintaining vehicles to the highest standards, equipping the vehicles with necessary safety equipment, educating clients on vehicle safety, and providing tools to measure driver behaviour. For Vista Hire, the safety of its clients and staff are the highest priorities, so Vista Hire has made conscious business decisions not to pursue certain markets or vehicle types when they don’t align with this safety ethos

    Why does Vista Hire want to become a Program Partner?

    Vista Hire deals with thousands of road users each year, and by focussing on safety, can influence these users’ behaviour both when driving Vista Hire vehicles and their own. Vista Hire is constantly assessing new safety products and technologies and intends to stay at the forefront of safe driving practices. Vista Hire supports the NRSPP’s philosophy that improving road safety is simply good business!

    What are Vista Hire NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    Road Safety Commitments


       1. Share materials we have developed e.g. procedures, guidance. Ongoing
       2. Share our experiences through an NRSPP Case Study November 2015

    Vista Hire’s current status:

    As of 2017, Vista Hire has been sold and is no longer active. NRSPP thanks its staff for its support and contributions that continue to be helpful to others