Traffic Management Association of Australia's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Louise Van Ristell and Shane KelleyNational Communications and Member Relations; and National Engagement ManagerSector: Traffic Management and Traffic Control

    Who is Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMMA)?

    TMAA provide a national peak body and voice for the Traffic Management Industry. Our industry employs more than 20 000 traffic controllers and provides works on roads, construction, events, utilities, reconstruction and emergency and disaster relief.

    What size is TMMA’s fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?

    TMAA has over 80 member organisations employing more than 20,000 traffic controller with three direct staff and a board of six.

    Describe what road safety means to your organisation?

    The TMAA is committed to safety, compliance and harmonisation across Australia.

    We strive for safety at sites across Australia and work with road authorities and government to mitigate risk and drive safety campaigns and safety awareness. Our key focus is driver behaviour and educating traffic controllers to assist drivers in their understanding and obligations to drive safety on roads, obey signage and speed signs and take care.

    Key in this is the provision of technology products, vehicles, signage and PPE to ensure that traffic controllers are visible and so are their signs on all sites. This assists in mitigating risk to the controllers and providing clear visible information to drivers. We are working on the Australian Standards Committee and the Austroads safety at roadworks committee to further endorse risk mitigation and compliance across Australia.

    Working on the frontline as first point of contact places our traffic controllers in a high risk environment each day. We urge drivers to obey signs, take care and slow down.

    Why become a Program Partner?

    The TMAA wishes to partner with NRSPP to continue to promote the safety at roadwork and all traffic management sites message nationally. Traffic Management. Our Job, Your Safety.

    What are TMAA’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    Road Safety Commitments


       1. Advertising Campaign – Funded and partnered between Northern Territory  Government and TMAA NT Division. August 2016 and ongoing
       2. Social Media Advertising for NRSPP on TMAA Twitter and Linkedin August 2016 and ongoing
       3. Articles for NRSPP in TMAA Detours Quarterly Magazine August 2016 and ongoing

    Supporting Actions Delivered by TMAA