Timberlink Australia / New Zealand's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Jason FurtnerNational Logistics Managerwww.timberlinkaustralia.com.au

    Who is Timberlink Australia?

    Timberlink manufactures quality structural and non-structural pine products in Australia and New Zealand. Our three mills, located in the prime pine-growing areas of regional Tasmania, South Australia and Marlborough, have ready access to quality sustainable, plantation pine. We believe that it is a combination of this natural resource, our skilled and passionate workforce, and our mills in which we continuously invest in, that has made us one of the region’s leading pine producers.

    What does road safety mean to Timberlink?

    As with all resource driven manufacturers, Timberlink has a varied and complex supply chain drawing heavily on road, rail and ocean to deliver and supply raw material and finished goods to market. At the heart of Timberlink’s operations is ensuring its employees and sub-contractors return home safely every day.

    Why become a Program Partner?

    The driving factor for Timberlink in becoming a Program Partner is to be engaged in all road safety campaigns within NRSPP and to help assist with future programmes that further improves road safety with particular interest with Heavy Vehicle and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and related NHVR Legislation.

    What are Timberlink’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    Road Safety Commitment


      1. Engage all Timberlink’s heavy vehicle contractors in past, present, and future road safety initiatives and campaigns to inform and educate  Ongoing
      2. Provide NRSPP assistance in further developing a COR initiative of short video’s around compliance issues including Load Restraint, Speeding, Dimension, Driver Fatigue, Maintenance, and Drug and Alcohol policies Ongoing
      3. Engage all Timberlink sales and operations staff on safe vehicle work practises including mobile phone use Ongoing
      4. Provide valuable insight into the renewal resource sector of heavy vehicle equipment and their safe road capabilities moving into the future. Ongoing
      5. Develop a case study outline Timberlink’s approach to supply chain management as a consigner July 2017
      6. Provide a webinar expanding on the NRSPP Case Study   August 2017