Shell Company of Australia Limited's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Rod BakerRoad & Rail Transport HSSE Manager

    Why Road Safety is Important to Shell

    People who carry out business for Shell globally travel about 3.6 million kilometers every day!  That is around 100 times round the world each day, or 1.3 billion kilometers each year.  These figures include those driving both light and heavy vehicles, whether that be delivering fuel to our customers, delivering equipment to construction projects or simply travelling to meetings.   Road transport is integral to the way Shell does business, so getting road safety right is a priority.

    Shell views road transport as one of the major risks to its people and other road users and consequently implements road safety sustainability initiatives from both equipment and behavioural perspectives. It is these initiatives that have provided a corporate contribution in helping to reduce the 1.3 million road fatalities globally every year.   The loss of life and serious injuries from road incidents are growing and if nothing is done, it is projected that globally fatalities will reach 2.4 million per annum by 2030.

    Vehicles driven on Shell business must meet strict safety standards, like meeting new car assessment ratings (NCAP), in-vehicle monitoring systems, ABS brakes, side under-run prevention and stability control.  Even with such technology Shell has experienced employee and contractor fatalities, the majority of which have been from not adhering to rules.  To combat this, driver behaviour is addressed through low-risk driver training by accredited providers, our life saving rules (wear your seatbelt; while driving do not use your mobile phone and do not exceed speed limits; no drugs or alcohol while working or driving; follow a prescribed journey management plan) and campaigns such as “Arrive Alive: the keys are in your hands”.  Our driver programs are a combination of Hearts & Minds and technical information designed to set the tone for road safety to help reach our aspiration of Goal Zero.

    Shell supports community and government initiatives for safer road use, like the “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020” (a UN General Assembly initiative) and in Australia, the “Road Safety Partnership Program” (a National Transport Commission initiative).  These programs are designed to bring the corporate world on-board in reducing road incidents as statistics show an increasing number of work related injuries and fatalities involve people driving for work purposes.

    Road safety is a global issue and improvements are in everyone’s interests.