Who is RedBook Inspect?

RedBook Inspect are mobile specialist mechanics who provide finance inspections for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, equipment and other physical goods.

What sector does RedBook Inspect operate in?

RedBook Inspect operate within the vehicle inspections sector.

What size Fleet or Staff does RedBook Inspect have?

RedBook Inspect have 60 full-time staff Australia wide, with a combination of 11 fixed workshops and 44 fleet mobile services.

What does road safety mean to RedBook Inspect?

Developing, administering and evaluating vehicle safety to ensures safety outcomes on our roads are improved. Our role is to assess, diagnose or inspect vehicles on Australian roads with the end goal to reduce injuries and fatalities. With the technical and digital expertise we have within the business, we have a social responsibility to contribute to this national objective.

RedBook Inspect's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Denise CosmetatosCEO & Co-FounderCommencement Date: 20/02/2018Sector: Vehicle Inspectionhttps://www.redbookinspect.com.au/

    What are RedBook Inspect’s NRSPP Road Safety commitments and by when?

    Case Study: Reducing defects – The Ride Share effect Sept 18
    Self Check: Educating and embedding safety awareness into organisations using technology Jul18
    Safety metrics – creating a safer fleet Oct18