Who are IONYX?

IONYX is a software company that delivers digital solutions through its core products as well as its custom solutions. IONYX is thrilled to join the board of the NRSPP because road safety is a central component of our mission. A large portion of our client base is in the heavy industries, mining, oil & gas and renewables space.

Key among IONYX’s products is the Journey Management System, or JMS, a smart phone application which provides a safety tool on long point-to-point self-drive movements across Australia and globally.

Our other key transportation product is Fly2Work, which helps our clients move workers and supplies to and from remote industrial production sites via other travel modes including air and bus. Because this system uses charted services to ferry people, it reduces the number of cars traveling to-and-from remote locations.

While IONYX doesn’t operate its own transportation fleet, no less than 30,000 of its clients use one or both of these digital transportation platforms to move across Australia and the world.

What Does Road Safety Mean To IONYX?

Road safety is important to IONYX. We believe our JMS app is best in class and delivers excellent value in streamlining/digitizing existing processes and automating notifications to managers should a field user not arrive to their destination. We are always looking to add new innovations to JMS that are constantly improving the usability, functionality, and road safety components of the platform.

IONYX's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Jim CullifordProduct ManagerCommencement Date: 11/08/2022Sector: Heavy industries, mining, oil and gas & renewables spacehttps://ionyx.com.au/

    What Are IONYX’s NRSPP Road Safety Commitments?

    We will introduce NRSPP to our clients that are willing to do case studies on steps they have taken to improve road safety within their organization.

    Supporting actions delivered by IONYX?

    1. Share internal content such as videos / posters / materials with NRSPP Knowledge Centre

    2. Develop a case study

    3. A Question and Answer piece

    4. Join a Working Group, Special Project or have an idea for a Working Group