Who are Injury Matters?

At Injury Matters we have a vision of safer people and places and are dedicated to preventing and reducing the impact of injury within the Western Australian community.

To achieve our vision and purpose we focus on societal level changes to the individual through influencing, empowering and collaborating:

  • Influencing individuals, agencies and decision-makers that injury prevention and the support of recovery is a priority.
  • Empowering people, communities, professionals and agencies to make better decisions and modify factors to prevent injury and support recovery.
  • Collaborating at local, national and international levels for effective shared solutions.

What sector does Injury Matters operate within?

Injury Prevention, support and recovery.

What size is Injury Matter’s fleet or the number of staff who generate their transport task?


What does road safety mean to Injury Matters?

Given road crashes are a leading cause of injury-related morbidity and mortality in Western Australia, holistic road safety is a key pillar of our work.

Road Trauma Support WA 

Injury Matters has successfully delivered the Road Trauma Support WA (RTS WA) service since 2012. RTSWA is a state-wide service assisting anyone affected by road trauma, regardless of when the incident occurred or what level of involvement the person had, direct or indirect. The service offers both clinical and non-clinical support in recovering from road trauma through four core elements:

  • Information and support
  • community engagement
  • education seminars and training and;
  • specialised grief and loss counselling.

Mental and Physical Safety on our Roads (MaPS on our roads)

Given the distances travelled on expansive road network in Western Australia (WA), coupled with an older workforce, investing in the physical and mental health of heavy vehicle operators is vital to help keep drivers safe on our roads. The MaPS on our roads project looks to provide information and training to support those heavy vehicle drivers on the road.

What are the commitments and actions which Injury Matters will develop and share through NRSPP?

  1. Promote the National Road Safety Partnership Program to Injury prevention and recovery sector including the Injury Matters website.
  2. Awareness: Raise awareness of transport safety by sharing research and resources , particularly as part of Injury Matters’ Mental and Physical Safety on our Roads (MaPS on our Roads) and Road Trauma Support WA service.
  3. Support and Counselling: Injury Matters’ Road Trauma Support WA can provide free support and counselling to organisations in WA for staff have been impacted by a road crash. We support those who have been involved in and/or injured in a road crash, their families, friends and carers, those who have witnessed a crash or are first on the scene, first responders and those who may have caused a road crash to occur. This support extends to those whose work regularly exposes them to road trauma.

Injury Matters's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact