Who are Grasshopper Environmental?

Established in 1978, Grasshopper Environmental have been providing professional, tailored and environmentally sustainable Waste Management services for over 40 years to the Building Demolition and Infrastructure sector as well as the Commercial & Industrial sector.


We service anywhere from the Sydney metropolitan area to the Blue Mountains and surrounding regions from our headquarters based in Arndell Park and we have a fleet of over 40 trucks that include front lift, rear load, marrell, and hook lift configurations.


At the very heart of our operations – Resource Recovery, Ethical Waste Management and 100% Environmental Compliance has underpinned our commitment to Environmental Sustainability and by focusing our efforts on this, we aim to better contribute to a circular economy and a brighter waste-free future for Australia.


What does road safety mean to Grasshopper Environmental?

Grasshopper Environmental is vigilant about promoting road safety and reducing risks that could adversely impact the safety of drivers, road users and the wider community. 


At Grasshopper Environmental, we believe that “Good safety is good business”. This is our culture. This is the way how we work. This is our doctrine. 


For Grasshopper Environmental, meeting minimum standards for road safety is simply not good enough. Our approach to road safety is informed through continuous investigation, collaboration, feedback and learning through industry data to ensure every method and measure is used to prevent incidents and to protect all road users.


By exceeding the standard in safety across our fleet, drivers and operations and client requirements for on-site safety, Grasshopper is proud to set the benchmark in safety in waste management.

Grasshopper Environmental's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Irene NarayanMarketing Manager
    1. Develop and deliver an educational webinar/video resource that explores how successful companies can achieve sustainability and productivity without compromising on safety
    2. Share Grasshopper findings on our Patronus safety system in the context of waste management 
    3. Share data and support NRSPP activities in relation to developing and promoting good practice road safety and its cost benefit
    4. Share data and support NRSPP during National Safe Work Month and National Road Safety Week