Who is Ganbina?

Ganbina aims to empower Aboriginal communities to achieve true social and economic equality with the wider Australian community within the next two generations. Ganbina operates a range of  education, training and employment programs for Aboriginal children and youth living in the Greater Goulburn Valley region, which has one of the largest Aboriginal communities in Victoria, comprising over 6,000 people. Ganbina works with young people from primary school, throughout their secondary school years and up to their 25th birthday. Ganbina aims to make sure these young people get the right education, jobs training and life skills they need to enable them to reach their full potential as adults

What sector does Ganbina operate within?

Registered charity.

What size is Ganbina’s fleet or the number of staff who generate their transport task?

Two staff members.

What does road safety mean to Ganbina?

Ganbina supports and encourages Aboriginal youth to gain confidence and driving skills as they progress towards their license. Ganbina provides funding assistance for driving lessons and reimburses the VicRoads Car Learner Permit, Car Probationary License and Victorian License costs. Road Safety is of big importance to Ganbina as we are creating opportunities for our youth to be on the roads and we want them to do so as safely as possible.

What are the commitments and actions which Ganbina will develop and share through NRSPP?

  1. Develop a case study
  2. Conduct a webinar
  3. Share internal content such as videos / posters / materials with NRSPP Knowledge Centre

Ganbina's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact