Who is Blacktown City Council?

Blacktown City Council utilises around 250 to 275 Lease back vehicles; 350 to 400 operational vehicles; which includes about 50 vehicles in a National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, where these vehicles are used in waste and garbage collection / management.

What is Blacktown City Council’s road transport footprint?

Blacktown City Council is a modern bustling city of 48 residential suburbs. Blacktown City is home to 340,000 people, making it the largest city by population in NSW. The Council employees more than 1,500 people and many more contractors.

What does road safety mean to Blacktown City Council?

Australians expect to go to work and to return home safely each day and this is one of the measures used when providing the Council’s Safety Driving policy for the staff and their Families.

Operations in the City’s service(s) area is a 7 day a week process and requires significant road use and traffic management. This and the travel requirements of the Council staff make it a challenge to provide safe and efficient transport. The approach is;

  • Safety ahead of all other concerns / considerations.
  • Road Safety – Safer Travel – an initiative from the ‘Road Safety’ section.
  • Safe driver program for the Safety driving policy.


  1. Industry standards have been adopted; across all Council sections, for drivers. These include Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Graffiti removalists; Open Space, Sports fields, maintenance and management; Waste, Garbage, Street maintenance, Cleaning, Animal control, Child care, Leisure, Public buildings and more. Here is where the driving and vehicle industry standards are combined and targeted to the specific industry user / driver / operator.
  2. Driver Competency is assessed and developed in line with ‘Verification Of Competence; Council utilising best practice standards for the driver / operator’s benchmark.
  3. Public Health & Safety is covered with Road Traffic Safety management.
  4. Safe System Approach
  5. Work Health Safety
  6. Risk Management collaboration with self-insurance and the insurer, Vero Insurance.

This foundation and structure support the six steps for effective delivery of a complete Road Safety program for Council.

Routine toolbox talks, online driver training and support with a face to face driver education program work together to drive the road safety in the Council and in the Local Government Area.

Council also provides ‘Road Safety- Safer Travel’ through our Road safety officer – David Tynan.

Blacktown City Council's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact