Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Russell WhiteChief Executive Officer

    Who are Australian Road Safety Foundation?

    The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving road safety awareness, enhancing driver education and reducing the impact of road trauma.

    What does road safety mean to Australian Road Safety Foundation?

    The Foundation strives to improve road safety outcomes, develop research and educational programs and work to persuade policy makers to address road safety issues. It also provides an umbrella organisation for other road safety programs and community groups.

    The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) is driven by the fact that every 6 seconds someone is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads. Our vision is to contribute through reducing he impacts of road trauma both internationally and domestically. We aim to achieve this through our road safety efforts in advocacy, research and education.

    What are Australian Road Safety Foundation’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    1. ARSF will work in collaboration with NRSPP to help raise awareness of both work related road safety and road safety in general.
    2. Promote the Australian Road Safety Awards and leverage the contacts of both organisations to recognise the outstanding achievement of road safety.
    3. Raise awareness of the importance of work related road safety and the need for organisations to take action.
    4. Collaborate on future promotional and marketing opportunities including NRSPP webinars.
    5. Help facilitate award winners to provide case studies for NRSPP (2015 winner).
    6. Continue to foster strategic alliance opportunities between ARSF and NRSPP.
    7. Support all NRSPP activities and promote these throughout the ARSF network.
    8. Collaborate with NRSPP with the upcoming Road Safety Awards to specifically target the fleet safety categories.